Rossford Public Library Collection Development Policy

Rossford Public Library Collection Development Policy

Purpose of Collection Development Policy:
This policy serves to act as a blueprint for decision-making and building the library collection. This policy informs the public of the principles guiding our collection development and states the library’s commitment to intellectual freedom and providing information expressing a variety of viewpoints. The community can rely on careful, efficient stewardship of all resources, financial and otherwise.  

The Rossford Public Library looks to the fundamental philosophies governing the selection of materials expressed in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.  The Board of Trustees of the Rossford Public Library delegates responsibility for the selection of materials to the Director, who appoints individuals from the staff to select materials for specific collections. 

Library staff will utilize professional judgement and expertise in making collection development decisions.  This judgement includes choosing titles, anticipating demand, identifying quantities and community interests as well as system availability, physical space limitations and budget. 

The following criteria are used when developing the collection:

Accuracy of the information 
Enduring significance or interest 
Representation of controversial or diverse points of view 
Cost in relation to use/enhancement of the collection 
Critical Reviews 
Relation to the existing collection 
Relation to other community resources 
Significance of the author or publisher 
Support of library programs or initiatives 
Suitability of subject for intended audience 
Selection Sources
Sources for selection decisions include, but are not limited to, published reviews from standard review sources, publisher/vendor catalogs or samples and professional trade publications.  Patron requests or suggestions are subject to the selection criteria stated above.  

Not all gifts are added to the collection and the library reserves the right to determine the ultimate placement or disposal of said gift. The library retains unconditional ownership of the gift and gift materials not added to the collection are not returned to the donor.  Donated/gift materials may be given to the Friends of the Rossford Public Library for public sale or further disposal as the group deems suitable.  

Collection Evaluation and Maintenance
To ensure that the library’s collection remains up to date, balanced and attractive, the collection is consistently managed and maintained.  This process identifies items for replacement, retention or withdrawal. Library staff utilizes professional judgement in deciding which items to retain, replace, repair or withdraw. De-selection of materials is an integral part of collection development.  

Criteria for consideration of withdrawal of materials includes: 
Availability of the item in alternative formats 
Cost of repair/feasibility 
Historical significance or value 
Physical condition 
Relative usefulness of item 
Space considerations 
Obsolete, inaccurate or out of date content 
Patron usage 

Intellectual Freedom
The library is committed to  protected freedoms of speech and press. The Rossford Public Library strives to offer a collection that is representative of the needs of our diverse community.  Inclusion of materials does not mean that the library endorses any theory or statement contained in those materials or resources.   

Every patron may not agree with viewpoints offered in some library materials, but the library holds a responsibility to provide a balanced collection with equal access to material reflecting diverse ideas through which  any side of a cause, question or movement may be explored provided the material meets the selection criteria. A balanced collection is reflected by the diversity of materials, not equality of numbers. Patrons are free to choose what they would like from the collection, reject other items, but not to restrict the freedom of others to choose. 

Materials are not excluded because of the origin, background or views of those contributing to their creation or because the materials represent a particular aspect of life, frankness or controversial subject matter. 

The library does not label materials to show approval or disapproval of the content of the material. Materials are not sequestered nor does the library remove ratings attached by a publisher, industry or group/distributor.  

Decisions about what materials are suitable for particular children should be made by parents or guardians.  Selection of materials for adults is not constrained due to possible exposure to children or teens. The library is committed to free and open access to its collections and to connecting patrons with ideas and information they wish to explore in a non-judgmental way. 

The library welcomes opinions from patrons concerning materials selected or not selected for the collection. The patron should first express concern to a library staff member.  Patrons may submit a request for reconsideration of library materials form.   

After receiving a request, the director will appoint a committee of staff members to evaluate the request to add or remove material from the collection within the context of the Collection Development Policy. During the process, the item in question will remain accessible to library patrons.  The committee will make a recommendation to the library director who will respond to the patron by letter.  In cases requiring further review, The Board of Trustees may be consulted to assist in the determination of the item in question. 



Board Approved on: 9/28/2022