Fax/Copy/Scanning Services

The Rossford Public Library offers the following business center services:

Photocopies b/w  (per page- single or double sided) - $ .10
Computer print-outs  b/w (per page- single or double sided) - $.10
Color copies/print-outs (per page) - $.50
Send a fax (per page- single side) -  $.50
Receive a fax (per page) - $.10
Document lamination  (8.5 x 11” pouch) - $.50
Document lamination  (2x 3.5” pouch) - $.25
Document scanning to email or flash drive - FREE

The Friends of the Library also provide for purchase various types of report covers, folders, business envelopes, resume paper and postage stamps.
These items are available at the reference desk.