Rossford Library Historical Mural Key

The two murals are split into three sections each for easier viewing. The numbers and black borders were added to identify and separate each photo. Some of the photos used in the murals are part of our Historical Digital Collection. 

Mural #1 Left Side

  1. Rossford Marina during high water
  2. Le Fevre wheel house
  3. Lee Knorek, Center for the New York Knickerbockers, Bowman Gum Trading Card
  4. Lime City Railroad Station
  5. Ford Plate Glass Co. Fire Engine
  6. Swimming party on the banks of the Maumee River
  7. Hungarian Club outside the Polish Club on Bergin St.
  8. "Rossford Twenty is Back" Rossford Savings Bank Promo
  9. (L to R) Konczal Drugs, Shoe Repair, Ross Theater, Dairy Bar
  10. Rossford Trolley
  11. Glenwood School
  12. 1956 Junior-Senior Prom

Mural #1 Center

  1. Rossford High School
  2. First site of the Rossford Public Library
  3. Mrs. Timberlakes's Girl Scout Troop, 1940s
  4. Late '40s view of Frautschi's Hardware
  5. Dixie Highway
  6. Unidentified (Police or Fire department)
  7. Larrowe Feed Mill, Later General Mills.
  8. Rossford "Bucks" undefeated baseball team
  9. Morelock Homestead in Perrysburg Township
  10. Edward Ford Memorial Design by Don Leary of Land Design
  11. Eloise Barthold, teacher at RHS
  12. Haying in Perrysburg Township
  13. Class at Walnut Street School

Mural #1 Right Side

  1. 1928 Rossford High School Football Team
  2. (L to R) Walter "Tiny" Keller, Bill Langevin Jt. 1900-1910
  3. Frank Newsom's Gulf Station - Superior and Glenwood
  4. Libbey-Owens-Ford Factory
  5. 1999 May Queen - Erica Meek
  6. Walnut Street School
  7. 1940's May Festival
  8. On the street in front of the Ross Theater in the 1940's
  9. Haying Perrysburg Township
  10. Memorial Day, May 30, 1925. Taken on the lawn of the Ford Club.
  11. Ray Wolf, 4th grade picture
  12. Carnival time

Mural #2 Left Side

  1. RHS Softball team champions, 1979
  2. Plaque honoring Patricia Gladiuex. Pictured Mike French (Library director) and Bud Gladieux. Mid 1980's
  3. Charlotte Starnes & Lucille Keaton, 1973
  4. Inside Verbosky's Market, Jennings Road, early 1950's
  5. 1932 RHS Basketball State Finals team
  6. Rossford Spirit Week, 1932 car, decorated to "Beat Carey"
  7. First librarian Marcia Caswall at a Library function with the General Manager of LOF
  8. Mathis Motors on Dixie Hwy., present site of Rossford Bowling Lanes, 1930
  9. Lime City Garage at Lime City Road and Fremont Pike, 1941
  10. Rossford Diamond Jubilee Parade, Grove's Float, 1973
  11. Rossford Five and Dime store on Superior St., late 1940's
  12. Johnny and the Hurricanes album cover circa 1959-60
  13. Hardware Store, Fremont Pike, Perrysburg Township
  14. Gas Station at the intersection of Glenwood and Wales Road, 1951

Mural #2 Center

  1. Tuller Building, Superior St. and Elm, 1890
  2. Wife of Rossford's founder, Carrie Ross Ford
  3. RHS French teacher and Drama instructor, Harry Wilcox, 1982
  4. Rossford's founder, Edward Ford
  5. 1997 RHS Volleyball Championship team
  6. Interior of Walnut Street School, 1927
  7. Aerial view of Former Penta County Vocational School, Oregon Road
  8. Verbosky's Market outdoor sign circa 1976
  9. "Candyman" Janos Szalai, city gardener, 1973
  10. Rossford Pool Hall on Superior St.
  11. J.J. Duly Candy and Cigarettes, Superior and Oak St.
  12. Traveling photographer's pony photo circa 1950
  13. Lane's Drug and Gerrard's on Superior St., Blizzard of 1978
  14. Mr. Kohler's Rossford High School Camera Club, 1955

Mural #2 Right Side

  1. Last day of continuous operation of the grinders and polishers line at LOF, 1954
  2. Rossford's Hungarian Band that played at the Ford Club, 1930
  3. First Police Chief Martin Almester with city's first police car, 1940
  4. Inside Myer's Rexall Pharmacy soda fountain on Superior St, 1953
  5. Frautschi Brothers Hardware, Later Werner's grocery and old post office
  6. Rossford Piotrowski Shoe Store, circa 1930
  7. World's tallest man, Robert Wadlow, had shoes made in Rossford, circa 1938